Visual Looks

Werewolf Render

Quite a bit of experimentation goes into the look and visual style of each episode. I am not now, nor will I ever be completely satisfied, therefore the change from story to story. It's just my fragile artists' ego when it comes to self assessment. I see others exceeding my level of art and want to move more towards a hand drawn look. I simply cannot help myself on that front as I draw like a monkey.

My process is a combination of the following softwares and of course Photoshop for all the layout and post work.

I currently do not use a drawing pad in my process but I have seen that used to great effect with others going from a Poser-type rendering software to a web comic. I hope to experiment with that in coming months.

I have been accumulating environments, buildings characters, weapons and clothing items for Poser for over 10 years. Just when I think I have every asset I need to create world I can imagine, DAZ 3D comes along with the Genesis figure which is nothing less than a game changer. Now Geneis is at version 2 and with the recent release of the Victoria 6 and Michael 5 characters, more and more I want to lean on DS for my character design. It just makes things easier and faster with the character building. The downside is that it's renderer is nowhere near as fast as Poser Pro 2014. To boot, Poser is just more intuitive and easier to use though DS is catching up in that area in my estimation.

Particularly when dealing with the non human characters, Genesis really gives you a leg up. I've even commissioned my own original werewolf model you will encounter latter in the pages of S.O.M. For now, it's the run of the mill Rawart Lycanoes model, which looks much more impressive with the LMH hair. Unfortunatley, that plugin seems to crach my DS 100% of the time. Hoping that is updated for the latest release of DS soon.

In any case, I'm having fun with it and I hope you have fun viewing it.