Raven JonasChapter 1, Sins of the Old Father introduces the russian vampire hunter, Raven Jonas. We learn that her given name is Tsura and that is of Romani acent. Clearly she has an axe to grind with the undead and knows something of their mental trickery. Though appearing to take a back seat in the main body of action in episode 1, in the episodes climax we see that she is highly train and possesses gynamst level strenth and agility. Her body is adorned with flying tatooed Ravens as she has adopted this monicker for her new identity. We discover that she has been commissioned by the town of Martinsville, a.k.a Mutantville, to quell the Vampire uprising. She lives in a spacious but rather crappy apartment which is obviously nicer than she is used to back home. In an episode 1 panel that didn't make the cut, Alexa tries to pay her a compliment on her place. Raven laughs it off, saying in heavily accented english, "Aaprtment is shit!" Clearly, the state of her living quarters is of little concern as long as she is in a position to regularly slay the undead, she is content.

There's more to the story of this powerful, mysterious women of the east and all will be revealed in future episodes of Streets of Mutantville. Where's her family? Why does she have such passion for killing vamps? Where did she learn her Ninja like skills with the sword? All this and more will be made known in the forthcoming pages. Stay tuned and keep reading to learn all about Tsura "Raven" Jonas.

The Alexa Bowman is a cross over from the world of Readers of the site will recognize her from, Respawner - The Web Series Pilot. Carrying an ancient family curse, Alxea is reborn as The Respawner whenever she is killed to exact vengeance on her murdered. Her abilities are limitless in the pursuit of revenge. As such she was the perfect ally to help Raven take out the master Vampire who's fledglings had been wreaking havoc on the Streets of Mutantville. If you're interested in learning more about Alexa and the Respawner, be sure to acess this playlist. It will play the 10:17 Respawner  Pilot, a Respawner deleted scene and message from the director and finally Respawner reformatted in a Grindhouse style.

Alexa has struggled with her existence as the portal for a blood thristy demon ever since she was first killed in the line of duty and returned to life after having mutilated and entire gang of thugs. Deeply religious, she feels that she is damn to hell for her part in such killings and is torn with guilt. At some point, she resigned herself to her fate, in her mind hell, and adapted the attitude of her partner Matthew Rigs. "I should use this power for the greater good." It was then that Rigs and Bowman systematically started targeting and elminating the criminal underworld element in cities in the southeastern US. Eventually, she made the acquaintence of Raven and other soldiers in the war against super natural evil on Earth. Her travels brought her to Mutantville for a long weekend to battle the undead, but her war on the AMP (Alpha Male Project serum, originally developed by the government, but stolen and morphed into a street drug by Sweet Vicous) slinging Metal Heads gang and the criminal mastermind, Sweet Vicious, back in Charlotte is far from over. Alexa BowmanRead it all in coming episodes of
The Streets of Mutantville