Delays on Issue #2
by Greybro

WolfenHello Friends,

So, obviously I've fallen off in my efforts to complete issue #2. Why pray tell? Well, around the fall I am usually sucked up into film making activities and this year was no different. My horror short, “Take That” is involved in 2 area screenings this Halloween season and I've just wrapped another slasher film called, “Buddy Row.” For the record, I say "My" only to indicate that I wrote and directed these pictures. A Film is never 1 person's because it's so colaborative and takes input from so many to create.

Instead of trailing off the business level of work as I near the end of my contract with Wells Fargo, it's as if they've suddenly realized they'll be losing me as a resource and are attempting to squeeze every bit of work out of me they can. I cannot remember being busier at work. So that's leeched a bit of my focus from the various hobbies I'm involved in.

Furthermore, my band, “Absolute Zero” has been having something of a resurgence this year and playing more shows than normal.

Frankly, I'm booked solid through the end of my contract which is around November 25th. At that time I will get back to the good work of finishing issue #2 and probably try to get into an issue #3. To that end, I've commissioned a new werewolf morph for Genesis which is much more to my liking than the ones I've used thus far. Thanks to my friend midnight_stories for salvaging that project from ruins with his mad skills. This might mean an entire re-working on issue#2. Still undecided on that front.

Needless to say, free time has been at a premium. In any case, please check back soon for the continuing story and thanks for taking the time to read this.